Bloodbender in Training

Mother isn’t the suspicious type. 


Noatak and Tarrlok, the bloodbending brothers /// Never too late - Three days grace

((I think this is relevant to your interests. This is what I’ve been working on the past couple days (day? how long has it been since the finale? Korra has melted my brain). As a fair warning, it is full of feels and brotherly love and bloodbending. And if you’ve seen the finale you know it doesn’t have a happy ending. I will now go back to working on responses. Noatak mod OUT))

I am going to ruin her life. NO ONE steals my hair style!

Got any questions for me?

Got any questions for me?


((I am the mod of Askpetitepabu. I am so happy I got this url, and I will post an intro drawing later today. Go ahead and start asking questions if you want. I’ll most likely be answering as kid/teenage Noatak, before he became Amon. That way this isn’t just another ‘ask amon’ blog. :3 I look forward to all your questions!))